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2 Best Flooring Options for Families with Toddlers
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Safety is the number one priority when you have kids at home. One way to protect them from injuries is to choose flooring where they can play and run around without worrying about spills and slips. Here are the top choices to consider:
carpet is a great option if you’re looking for flooring that’s soft under the feet. carpet is also a natural insulator, so it helps absorb sound, can prevent slips, and provides some extra cushioning for any accidental falls. These are all important considerations to keep in mind if you have kids running about.

carpets come in a variety of styles and colors that can match any room. Dark carpets can make your room feel warmer, while lighter carpets can make your room feel more open. Just remember that lighter carpets also show stains and dirt more easily than darker carpets do. If orange juice stains or even crayon marks are a concern, consider a darker color. If you want to preserve your carpet, it’s best not to provide a large blank canvas for your child’s early attempts at painting. 

Haven’t got the time or budget to re-do the floors? Here’s the cheat’s option – just pop down a rug! Seriously. A bright, colourful rug doesn’t just lift the room and add a pop of colour. It also protects your floors from spills and marks, and keeps the kids safe from slips. Place it down in a high foot traffic area – such as a long piece down the hallway. Then just move it around whenever and whenever you fancy. 

We can help you pick the perfect carpet that won’t only keep your kids safe from harm but will also fit your style. Contact us today!

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