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Artificial grass - an ideal solution for schools and nurseries

schools and nurseries

Artificial grass is an ideal solution for schools and nurseries that require hard wearing surfaces that are low maintenance and provide children with safe areas to play. 

Synthetic turf can be installed in areas that are normally hard to maintain, perhaps you have a shady area where grass struggles to grow or a high traffic path that gets muddy. Perfectly Green can cut Artificial grass to intricate shapes and our expert teams will install the grass so that it fits perfectly in your space. We can also cut the grass into patterns and utilise our Zany Coloured Artificial Grass and the Playtime range to create interest and spark children’s imaginations.

Artificial grass is low maintenance and has a long lifespan. It provides an excellent surface for little ones to crawl over in nursery schools as its soft and feels so similar to real turf. Artificial grass can be installed over a hard surface to create a softer and more attractive outdoor space. School-age children can enjoy, Artificial turf as a space for their lunchtime football games with friends, find a quiet corner to enjoy a book or chat with friends and the clean, quick-dry surface is perfect for outdoor lessons. Artificial turf doesn’t get muddy so there ‘ll be no more muddy shoes in the classroom and parents will be happy with the lack of grass stains on their children’s school uniform. If Artificial turf is to be used under play equipment, our artificial turf are the perfect solution having been certified for a critical fall height up to 3 metres, you can read more abut our safety play pad systems here. 

Artificial turf provides a safe, green space for all year round play. It can transform a tired space into an exciting area that the children will enjoy for many years to come.


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