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Common problems of artificial turf

Football artificial grass

How long does it take to install artificial grass lawn ?  

Wuxi Diamond Carpet Manufacturing Co., Ltd tell you an average artificial grass landscape project can be completed in as little as one day.
Complicated Diamond artificial grass projects might take two to three days. Each synthetic grass installation is customized, so it is sometimes hard to determine the artificial grass installation time line without a site visit.
If you need more details about artificial lawn installation please contact us Wuxi Diamond Carpet Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
What’s the current state of artificial turf ?
Wuxi Diamond Carpet Manufacturing Co., Ltd synthetic turf used today and older versions is the use of infill material, which gives the surface far more cushioning and acts as artificial earth, providing more shock absorption and natural footing. 
That infill is made of materials such as sand and rubber crumbs produced from ground-up recycled tires. Older versions of synthetic turf had shorter piles of synthetic grass blades that were more abrasive to the skin, and used just sand as infill, or none at all. 

Today’s Diamond artificial grass have longer piles made of plastic fibers, which feel softer than in the past.


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