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How to Repair carpet

How to Repair carpet

Carpet is a valuable investment in your home, but sometimes, things may happen that damage the carpet. Before rushing out to replace the entire floor, relax. There are ways to repair the carpet without having to completely replace it. Repairing carpet takes careful precision, especially if you’re cutting out certain pieces of the carpet and replacing them with others.

How to Re-Stretch carpet

Remove all furniture from the room. Loosen tack strips. You can reattach these later, but since you’re stretching the carpet to add length, prepare to trim it to fit. Check padding underneath to ensure it is in place and has not bunched up in certain areas. In most cases, the carpet will re-position around doorways and vents, but spare scraps can be used to seam it together if it does not. Use a seam sealer on the edges of older carpets to prevent the edges from unraveling. Re-stretching your carpet will cut down on wear and tear and prolong its life, but only needs to be done if it is loose or bubbling up in some spots.

How to Repair carpet Snags

In loop pile, snags are created when the loop comes undone. To fix them, look at the pulled strand and count the curls, making a single cut in the middle so there are an equal number of loops on each side of the cut. Use masking tape to outline the run. On the inside of the run, apply adhesive. Then, use a screwdriver or nail set to push the fibers back into place to create the right size loops.

For Berber carpet, you will need to take a close look to figure out where the yarn is in the material and where it forms the next loop.

Use a long, thin, tool such as a knitting needle or screwdriver to pull up the next loop so you will not pull it all the way through the backing.

With another thin tool, pull the next loop up, to pull the snag back down, leaving the snagged loop a bit bigger than the other surrounding loops so the loop you pulled out is smaller than the snag. Repeat this process as many times as it takes to pull the original snag back down into place, each time making the loop you pull out smaller.

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