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Introduction of Artificial Grass
I. Development of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass was born in America in the 1960s, which is made from chemical fibers. It doesn’t need fertilization and watering like natural grass, can meet high strength sports requirements all day. Also it has benefits as nice equality, easily maintenance, prompt drainage and flat field, avoids bad influences to competitions and sports caused by weather or maintenance. Artificial grass is widely used for hockey balls fields, baseballs fields, football fields, soccer fields,tennis courts, golf fields and landscape of the flooring.  

 Sport Artificial grass 

Sport Artificial grass
II. Structure of artificial grass
Structure of artificial turf
III. Function of elastic underlay for artificial grass 
•Bring long term flexibility to artificial grass system.
•Offers nice shock-absorbing ability, reduce harm from exercise.
•Makes the whole artificial grass system more safe, avoids falls.
•Improves comfort to artificial grass, makes it feel like natural grass.
Shock-absorbing Underlay
IV.Function of artificial grass for the grass system
•Nice colors make the artificial grass more beautiful.
•Brings feelings of ball rolling and speed similar to the natural grass.
•Fix the granulated rubber, reduce the loss and movement.
•High wear resistance of the artificial grass offer longer life of the artificial grass system.

Structure of artificial lawn

Artificial turf grass fiber

V. Function of quartz sand for artificial grass system.
•Steady bottom of the fiber, straightening each grass fiber.
•Offers medium hardness to the Artificial grass system by working with grass underlay and granulated rubber.
•Nice drainage ability.
•Suitable weight, avoids movement of the grass.
White quartz sand

VI. Function of granulated rubber.

1.Function of granulated rubber

•Brings soft surface elastic and anti shock.
•Makes the Artificial grass system more like natural grass, reduce harm when exercise.
•Offers holding power for spike shoes, protect the athletes.
•The environment can be protected by using granulated rubber.
2. Index for granulated rubber

Index for granulated rubber

Environmental granulated rubber

VII. Classification of the foundation
Quality requirement of artificial grass foundation: Hardness, eveness and drainage slope.

There are three normal types for artificial grass foundation: Bitumen, concrete, and macadam. To choose which type, it depends on local weather situation, budget and time. Bitumen foundation is suitable for the cold areas with big difference temperature, but the construction cost is high, and not suitable for the warm & wet areas. Macadam foundation is normally used for rainy areas as it’s good for drainage,  the construction is easy and low cost, but as the macadam is hard and low stable, the foundation will loss after long time use. Compared with these two types, concrete foundation is more economic and useful.


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