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It is a misunderstanding that wool carpets are prone to mites

  There used to be a saying that mites are easy to breed after laying wool carpet indoors, and mites cause asthma and allergies. In fact, this is a false rumor that has no scientific basis. About 5-15% of people in different parts of the world are allergic to hereditary allergies. They will suffer from allergies due to contact with objects such as dust mites and mold spores. 

  Europe and the United States are the most popular areas for wool carpets. Americans have 33 square yards of carpet per capita. Therefore, they take the problem of mite disease very seriously. Many scientific research institutions have confirmed after years of experimental research that people in rooms with wool carpets are less susceptible to disease. Allergy. Tests have shown that indoor dust mites are most concentrated in mattresses, and the number of allergens such as dust mites on mattresses on weekdays is 2-4 times more than that on carpets. The second is the furniture, and then the floor covering, and the carpet in the floor covering is less than that of the hard floor. The pathogenic mechanism of mites is that the excrement and dust of dust mites are mixed in the air and are inhaled into the respiratory tract by people with sensitive constitutions, and they will become sick. 


  Frequent vacuuming after laying wool or handmade rugs can greatly reduce allergens such as dust. More importantly, due to the adsorption and shielding effect of carpet tuft on dust, the movement of dust is limited, and the probability of mite allergens floating in the air due to the movement of people or the convection of doors and windows is reduced. This greatly reduces the chance of mite allergens breathing into the human body and getting sick. Therefore, it is a misunderstanding that mites are easy to breed after wool carpets are laid indoors.

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