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How to Choose the Best Carpets For a Warm Home

  We must focus on a certain style when choosing the carpet, because it must be suitable for each room. A carpet that is easy to maintain and resistant represents the right choice for the hall. It's recommended to place carpets that absorb the water in the kitchen and bathroom. To create a warm atmosphere, we'll place delicate carpets in the bedroom.

  Another element that should be considered is the country where the carpet was made. Persian carpets are famous and highly appreciated. They are designed in a special way, presenting fine details. The most popular prints consist in animal figures or floral patterns, medallion-type models and hunting scenes. Their predominant color is warm, harmonious and the models are often outlined in black. Such carpets are suitable for classic interiors.

  Due to their function, classic carpets play an important role when it comes about decorating the interior. Being designed in various colors and materials, carpets give a feeling of comfort when they are placed on floors made of stone, tiles or wood. A monochrome carpet emphasizes the furniture. Depending on size and material, there are many variations of the classic carpet. Its value is given by its length, fiber content, origin and complexity of the model.

  A neutral background covered by carpets full of color creates an interesting contrast. It is popular to add strong colors to surfaces in yellow or cream; also, a floor in green, yellow and blue tones will be outlined by colorful carpets.

  It's recommended to choose the carpet depending on the room's overall appearance and style. Also, take into account the accessories used, as you must create a balanced line.

  A new trend that has gained popularity among designers in interior design consists in the stratification of colors fine textures. Using combinations of texture and color, it's harder to notice on the carpet traces of dust; also, these elements define a stylish appearance. Applied models (patterns of leaves, flowers, trees, etc) create organic shapes that match very well the furniture. These new types of carpets have changed people's perception regarding the carpet and its role. The fabric itself can become a central element, in any interior.

  If the house benefits from open spaces, which communicate freely, don't forget that the right carpet can demarcate symbolically certain areas. Before buying the carpet, you should think about it as a long term investment. You might want something trendy, but consider the fact that fashion changes every day, so it's better to opt for something classic. Choosing the carpet can be a great success or a disaster. If you're not sure that your choice is good, you can ask the advice of a decorator.

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