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The classification of artificial turf - diamonds for the World Cup

With the improvement of people's requirements for living and working environments, artificial turf is appearing more and more in our field of vision. Artificial turf has the advantages of bright appearance, green seasons, good drainage performance, and low maintenance costs. Especially the use of lawn carpets can not only set off and improve the grade of the environment, optimize visual effects, effectively prevent dust, but also be used according to different materials. Various sports venues. 


Artificial turf carpet materials are generally divided into polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). According to the characteristics of the material, PP artificial turf is generally hard and wear-resistant, suitable for tennis, golf and other venues, while PE turf is relatively soft, which is a good choice for laying football fields and other sports venues. Or you can use PP and PE mixed lawn, taking into account the advantages of both, and increase the flexibility of the lawn while considering the durability. Therefore, artificial turf is mainly divided into leisure green turf (namely decorative turf) and sports turf (soccer field/basketball court/gateball field/golf artificial turf). Determine which lawn to use based on the final purpose of use. 

Green decoration lawn carpet, this kind of lawn carpet is characterized by the height of the lawn between 8-45mm, in addition to the height and density of the lawn, the appearance is also different. This needs to be selected according to the site and purpose of use. For example, if it is generally a community's crony/shopping center roof garden, we usually recommend using a lawn with a height of less than 20mm (except for special use). This type of lawn is generally affordable and the overall effect is good. The choice of color is generally green or red. If it is indoor landscape, it is recommended to use highly simulated lawn. This kind of lawn is characterized by high and dense, green and yellow in color, and the overall effect is realistic. Compared with the tall and straight grass filaments, the three-dimensional effect of the lawn itself is increased. , which works very well. Many advertising companies, resorts, and high-end hotels usually choose this type of product. 

The functions of artificial turf carpets are different, which are mainly reflected in the differences in height, density and grass silk. Generally speaking, the grass silk of the landscape lawn is relatively thin, the cross-sectional ratio is small, and the color is more realistic. The general height of sports turf is between 30-60mm, and different sports venues need to use artificial turf of different heights. The main colors are red, white, green and dark green. Artificial turf sports fields generally require fillers, and the amount of fillers required varies depending on the venue. Generally, rubber particles and quartz sand are used, and the amount of filler generally depends on different sites and different lawn heights. 


The price of artificial turf carpets is divided into high, medium and low grades. The main difference is the quality of the lawn, the life of the lawn, and the height/density of the lawn. Customers can choose according to their own design and requirements. The artificial turf produced by Diamond Carpet is professionally manufactured by large-scale carpet equipment, with various styles and stable quality, and can provide you with customized solutions at any time.

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