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How to choose a high quality wilton carpet
Wilton carpet?is named after the town of Wilton in England where it was first manufactured in the early 1700s. It is a woven carpet made from?wool, similar to the Brussels style of carpet, which is made with loops. To choose the best wilton carpet, you need to find one that is made of high-quality wool and is woven in the proper style. Design is also a consideration, as you need to have the carpet match the decoration of the room in which the carpet will be laid.

Unlike the Brussels style of carpet, the loops of wilton carpet are cut open and sheared, creating a smooth, velvet-like feel to the carpet. A good wilton carpet, then, will feel smooth to the touch. In addition, a true wilton carpet will typically have one to three colors in the design, although it can have up to five. A quality carpet will also be made of wool that is thick and durable.

Many hotels, restaurants, casinos and banks, buy wilton carpet in bulk due to its durability.It is possible to order a wilton carpet from the manufacturer. If that is not practical, a variety of carpet mills and manufacturers import them to sell or create their own carpets. In most cases, you can check the carpet or see similar samples on a showroom floor. If you are ordering online, many manufacturers will send you a free sample, although you might have to pay for shipping. Companies that don’t send samples often have design prints available that can at least give you an idea of what the carpet will look like.

wilton carpet is traditionally made of wool, but carpets are available that are made either from a combination of wool and another material or from a synthetic fiber. Blends and synthetics are usually less expensive than wool, so if price is a concern, choosing a blend or synthetic could be a good option. You can still get the benefit of the Wilton weave, which is the factor primarily responsible for its durability.

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