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Why Carpet Tile is Popular
Now carpet tile trend has picked up with more interior designers and homeowners preferring it to traditional carpeting. Before your next carpeting project begins, consider these four reasons to choose carpet tile.

Less Waste
The average home carpeting project creates up to several feet of carpet waste – in fact, the EPA estimates that as much as 40% of our waste comes from construction projects, a generous portion of which can be attributed to carpet. Cutting around corners, trimming off excess, and poorly planned ordering can all produce waste, the vast majority of which ends up in a landfill somewhere. Choosing to outfit your home with carpet tiles instead can greatly eliminate waste, as many of the pieces you cut off can be used elsewhere and any unused tiles can still be useful for another project.

More Creativity
Broadloom carpet only one way to install them and only one result that you would see at the end. With carpet tiles, however, the possibilities are endless! Experiment with different patterns and mix-and-match possibilities to come up with a truly unique and inspired design. Whether you do a classic checkerboard pattern or create something entirely abstract, you will be sure of getting something that you won’t find in any other home.

Less Fuss
You don’t need to hire workers to install your new carpet tiles. Installation is a breeze – all you need are some basic math skills, a sharp razor to make clean cuts where they are needed, and a heavy-duty carpet tile adhesive. Figuring out how you want to lay your tiles may be the biggest challenge of the installation. And if your flooring becomes ripped or damaged later on, the solution is as simple as replacing one or two tiles.

More Options
carpet tiles come in a huge variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and textures, so your options are virtually limitless. Just about anything, in fact, that you could get in a broadloom carpet is also available in a tile. Choose from small 18 inch squares or tiles as large as four feet, and color-coordinate them however your heart desires.

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